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I have been working in the television/video industry for twenty years. I spent ten years at the CBC in Toronto where I worked as an Assistant Director, and later designed news graphics for CBC Newsworld. Since 2000 I have been in Montreal working as a documentary Video Editor (Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro) and a Graphic Designer. I have done illustrations for McGill University, been publishd in the medical journal "Parkhurst Exchange", designed cd cases and posters, and been involved in a number of animation projects. Contact me at: jessebochner@gmail.com

Mohawk Ironworkers

Mohawk Ironworkers is a 13 part half-hour documentary series that celebrates the steely determination of the Mohawk ironworkers of Kahnawake, Akwesasne and Six Nations said to be "the best ironworkers on the planet." 4  Episodes including series premiere on APTN.

It Was A Woman

I was the Video Editor and created the animations for "It Was A Woman", a feature documentary directed by Cherri Low Horn. The animations are based on Cherri's original artwork and are combined with live action documentary segments. This sample is the opening segment of "It Was A Woman" and introduces us to Cherri as she begins to detail her childhood experience of having been sexually abused by a woman.

Watchers of the North

This is the opening sequence to episode 03 of "Watchers of the North", a six-part documentary series about the Canadian Arctic Rangers and the role they play guarding Canada's far north. This segment introduces us to the rangers as they deal with a real life crisis while out on patrol. It is the first of 2 episodes that I edited for Picture This Productions.

Watchers of the North -ep03 sample02

The Canadian Rangers deal with their snowmobile crisis and resume their mission.

Watchers of the North - the Junior Rangers!

Meet the Junior Rangers! These 3 segments are from for ep05 of "Watchers of the North". We join the JCRs as they have some target practice before heading off across the tundra with the Canadian Rangers on a caribou hunt. This is 1 of 2 episodes of "Watchers of the North" that I edited which were broadcast on APTN.


This cooking show stars Lysianne O'Bomsawain and Luois-Francois, one of Montreal's hottest young chefs, as they visit Native communities across Quebec, sample local and traditional ingredients to whip up a delicious culinary mix of old and new. In this sample we're cooking edible flowers.


Bone is a collaborative modern dance performance between two dance troupes, one from Canada and the other from Beijing, China. They then toured both their countries. It was first broadcast on Bravo!

A Place in Mind

I directed/edited this video for Vehicule Press to promote Professor Avi Friedman's book, A Place in Mind, which explores the diverse elements that go into making a particular place, or piece of architecture, special and unique to those who experience it.

the Making of "Frenching"

These are clips from the behind-the-scenes documentary about the creation of "Frenching", the animated version of the comic strip of the same name by award winning cartoonist Joe Ollmann about his near complete lack of French.

Autour de la Grande Tortue-Natasha

"Tortue" was produced by Les Productions Via le Monde and designed as a program for young, first time, Native film makers in Quebec. A group of participants from both urban and rural Native communities, some without running water or electricity, came to Montreal and over the course of a couple of weeks were given a crash course on documentary video making. Each participant then returned to their community with the objective of making several short documentaries, with the footage to be sent back to Montreal for final assembling and broadcast. I was one of the production instructors and a video editor.

This segment follows Natasha, adopted by a non-Native family in Quebec, as she returns to British Columbia to find her biological family.

Jacinthe Loranger - My Own Private Dante's Wonderland

My Own Private Wonderland was made for the Red Bird Gallery in Montreal to promote artist Jacinthe Loranger's new exhibition of quirky sculptures, paintings and prints. Her show is inspired by the duo Hells of Dante and Alice in Wonderland.

Finding Our Talk

Finding Our Talk is an ongoing series broadcast on APTN exploring a wide range of community projects to save indigenous languages across Canada and the world. This sample from season 2 concerns the impact of residential school abuse and how protecting Native languages can lead to physical, emotional, and cultural healing.

Parks Canada-the St. Lawrence River

This segment is one of a dozen short documentaries I edited for Parks Canada as a teaching tool in order to raise ecological, historical, and cultural awareness concerning the relationship between the St. Lawrence River and the First Nation peoples of the area.


This animation was created for the lifestyle show "Healthy Living" (working title) which follows a number of people as they get into shape and live a stronger, healthier life. This segment describes the concept of reaching a 'plateau' in ones exercise regime and the need to mix-it-up with a variety of different activities.
The soundtrack is a "working-only" soundtrack is in no way, shape, or form, used with permission from the 'Beastie Boys'.

"Inuk"-2 Samples

"Inuk" is an animated kids program which follows the adventures of Inuk, a young Inuit boy training to be his village's shaman, and his animal friends in the arctic. It is produced by Pop6 in Montreal and is in both English and French. I created the animatics (moving storyboards) for the 3D animators to follow.

Club Native-2 Samples

These two clips are from the feature length documentary "Club Native" directed by Tracey Deer, which deals with the issue of Status Indian Membership laws in the Mohawk community of Kanawake, Quebec. I designed several animations for the project, created the individual elements, and then had my team make the pieces jump around.

It Was A Woman - 3 animation samples

This collection of 3 short animated pieces are taken from the feature documentary "It Was A Woman", directed by Cherri Low Horn. I designed the scenes and then created the "limited-full" After Effects animations from Cherri's original artwork.
Not only can you watch "Mohawk Ironworkers" on APTN you can test your own ironworker skills by playing the new media side scrolling video game "Rivit Rampage". Here are some of the characters I designed for the game which you can play at www.mohaekironworkets/rivitrampage. Have Fun!

Kanawake Voices

These editorial cartoons illustrate some of the membership issues surrounding the conundrum that is Bill-C3 on the Mohawk community of Kanawake.

The Symptoms (medical web comic)

"The Symptoms" was created for the web for the Department of Continuing Medical Education at McGill University, and later published serially in the medical journal Parkhurst Exchange. It was used as an on-line teaching tool and followed the case study of George Symptom as he was diagnosed, and then treated for cancer. Although George Symptom is a fictional character his entire medical case history is derived from a real cancer patient going through treatment. The original web presentation included a quiz section for medical students, as well as original x-rays and doctor's notations from the "real" George Symptom.

Jesse Bochner CV


January-July 2016, Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Mohawk Ironworkers”

4 x 30 min. episodes
Broadcaster: APTN
Director for “recreation” segments x 3.

January-April 2013, Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media, Montreal, Que.

Production: “It Was A Woman”

45 min.
Broadcaster: APTN (air date: Jan 4, 2014)

September-December 2012, Picture This Productions, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Watchers of the North”

2 x 30 min. episodes
Broadcaster: APTN

May-June 2011, Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media, Montreal, Que.

Production: “The Road Ahead”
50 min.
Broadcaster: Cree School Board (Corporate Video)

December 2009- February 2011, Rotating Planet, Montreal, Que.

Production: “the Uluit: Champions of the North”

5 x 24 min. episodes
Broadcasters: APTN

Spring-Fall 2010, Immediate Productions, Montreal, Que.

Artist Biographies

Clients: Galerie Trois Pointes, Redbird Gallery, Vehicule Press

July-August 2009 Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media, Montreal, Que.

Video Editor & Additional Sound Recordist

Production: “Voices of Akwesasne”
15 x 5 min. documentaries
Broadcasters: Parks Canada

October 2008-June 2009 Pop6, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Inuk”

26 x 15 min. animated episodes
Broadcasters: APTN, TVQ, CBC

2008 (April-August) Le Groupe Via le Monde, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Autour de la Grande Tortue”

8 x 15 min. documentaries
Broadcasters: APTN, TVQ

2007 (October-November) Apt. 11 Productions, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Prank Patrol”

2 x 24 min. episodes
Broadcatser: YTV

2007 (July-December) Trinome, Montreal, Que

Production: “Wlipogwad”

13 x 24 min. episodes
Broatcaster: APTN

2007 (Summer) Le Groupe Via Le Monde, Montreal, Que

Video Editor/Video Production Instructor

Production: Autour de la Grande Tortue
Broatcaster: APTN, TVQ

2007 (February-March) -- various -- Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Video Editor/Cameraman/Illustrator

Client: (NGOs) Development and Peace, YPRI, INSIST Press

2006 (Summer-Fall) Le Groupe Via Le Monde, Montreal, Que.

Video Editor/Video Production Instructor

Production: Autour de la Grande TortueInstruct candidates on video editing techniques and production/post-production requirements for documentary film making.
13 x 7mins. Documentaries.

2006 (Winter-Spring) Eye Steel Film, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Punk the Vote” (73 minutes)

2005 (Summer-Fall) Eye Steel Film, Montreal, Que.

Production: “Bone” (48 minutes)

Broadcast on Bravo!

2004 (Fall-Winter) Les Productions E.C.P. Montreal, Que.

Production: “Tshinanu” (5 x 30 min. episodes)


2003 (October) Apartment 11 Productions, Montreal, Que.

Production: “My Brand New Life” (1 X 30 min. episode)


2000-2003 Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media Inc. Montreal, Que.

Productions: Finding Our Talk, Finding Our Talk II, The Power of the Circle: Restorative Justice in NAN Communities.


January-April 2012, Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media, Montreal, Que.

Production: “It Was A Woman”

20 short 'limited-full' After Effects animations for doccumentary about sexual abuse
Broadcaster: APTN

January 2011 Working it Out Together: Aboriginal Wellness Goes Mainstream”.

Rezolution Pictures, Montreal, Que.

1 minute animation illustrating the concept of 'Plateau' in a work-out program.

2010-Present “Kanawake Voices

Editorial cartoons about Mohawk status and residency issues in Kanawake, Quebec.

Broadcast on: kahnawakevoices.com


Illustrator, Co-scriptor

The Symptoms”
This web comic was produced for the Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME) at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. It is used as a teaching tool for medical students and other professionals in the field of medicine.

Syndicated montly in Parkhust Exchange Magazine and at


2007 (Summer) Rezolution Pictures, Montreal, Que.

Animation Designer

Production: “Club Native”
Design characters/illustrations for 6 animation sequencesBroatcaster:APTN

2006 (Fall-Winter) Rezolution Pictures, Montreal, Que.

Animation Designer

Production: “Rez Rides”
Write scripts and design characters for 10 short animation sequences
Broatcaster: APTN, Speedvision

2004 (Fall-Winter) Nutaaq-Mushkeg Media Inc. Montreal, Que.

3D Animator

Production: Aboriginal Architecture Living ArchitectureDesign, Model, Animate and Render 3D animations based on Native architectural structures for 2 part documentary.Software used: MAYA, Vue4 ProBroatcaster:APTN

1997-2000 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Ont.

Graphic Designer

Created on-air visuals including over-the-shoulder, panel, wall and full-frame graphics.
Clients included: Newsworld Reports, The National, The Lead with Alison Smith, On the Arts, Hot Type, Saurday Report, Sunday Morning Live.

Nominated for “Best Comic” at the 2006 Expozine Small Press Fair. Co-creator of “Boatman and Rowbin” with Paul “FUBAR” Spence.


1994 York University, Toronto, Ont.

B.F.A. Honors Program, Fine Arts Studies.

1988-1989 Vanier College, Montreal, Que.

Visual Arts Program.